karl was born in the philippines and is living in mainz since already one year.
he is 29 years young and came to germany to work in a special-care home for people with 24/7 artificial respiration.
karl sends money to his family in the philippines monthly. he supports them from far away. the job he and his philippino mates are practicing is very tough and they have to be strong (physically and psychically!) every day.
i absolutely admire karl's joy of living. it is contagious and made my day while we took our photos. thank you for giving me this special feeling that everything can be ok! please never stop being yourself.

these guys are so greatful to be here. that's what they told me but if you look close enough you can actually see it in their eyes very clearly. this is pure thankfulness. i haven't seen it in many eyes in my life so far, but these guys are shining. ​​​​​​​
thanks so much for watching!

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